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Metro Vancouver residents react to gas costs soaring as high as $2.12 per litre

Where can drivers get the cheapest gas in the Lower Mainland?

Metro Vancouver gas prices have shot up again following several recent increases. 

A three-cent increase in carbon taxes that took effect April 1, a seasonal switch to summer blend gasoline, and generally strong global oil prices, combined to push prices at the pump by several cents overnight in Metro Vancouver.

Prices at many Metro Vancouver gas stations sat at over $2.10 per litre as of Thursday morning (April 4), making them the highest prices anywhere on the continent. 

Locals took to social media to express their frustration with the sky-high fuel costs. 

Metro Vancouverites react to April gasoline prices 

"I don’t want anyone outside the Lower Mainland in British Columbia to complain about gas prices. They are up to $211.9 per litre today," one X/Twitter user shared in frustration.

Many people seemed puzzled by the price jump.

A Metro Vancouverite asked: "What’s the gas prices today?" in response to an ongoing thread following gas price trends over the past week.

While many locals say politicians are responsible for the soaring prices, one man offered a different take: "Today's mantra. Crude oil prices and supply and demand determine gas prices, not politicians."

Gas price analysts expect prices to continue to climb this week, rising several cents by the end of the week. 

Gasoline prices also generally rise in the summer because refiners switch to a summer blend, which is slightly more costly to produce, and because the demand for gasoline increases in summer when Canadians start travelling more.

Where to find cheap Metro Vancouver gas

Metro Vancouverites looking to save the next time they fill up their tank won't find any great deals but can find some options under the $2 per litre mark. 

As of Thursday, April 4, the cheapest option in the Lower Mainland is at the Petro Canada in Richmond at 4011 Francis Rd. for 191.11 cents per litre. The next cheapest option is a Chevron outside of Metro Vancouver in Aldergrove, offering gas for 195.9 cents per litre (see slide two).

The third best option is a CO-OP in Vancouver Proper at 16788 - 104 Ave., selling gas for 197.9 cents per litre. 

Four outlets are selling gas for just shy of the $2 mark, at 199.9 cents per litre: a CENTAX & GOmarket in Pitt meadows, a Chevron in Surrey, a Husky in Delta, and a Canco in Surrey (see slides three and four). 

With files from Nelson Bennett/BIV