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Vancouver geese follow the rules, cross street on crosswalk (VIDEO)

Now can we train them to push the button?
A group of geese use a crosswalk on Beach Avenue in Vancouver.

While Canada geese often seem like a cross between farm animals and demons, what with their hissing and pooping, it seems they do respect human laws on occasion.

In this case, despite being able to fly, they opt to carefully follow a crosswalk on Beach Avenue.

In the video the group gets across in less than 30 seconds, which seems like an achievement given that some geese really don't seem concerned with moving with purpose.

They successfully navigate a couple who walk in their midst and refrain from freaking out about a nearby dog being walked.

On the far side of the crosswalk they get to join their geese friends in the park.

While shot in 2017, YouTube user Max S. just decided to share this video today.