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Vancouver is going bananas over these really weird 'Duckanas'

This duck is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S🦆🍌
Ducknana duck banana
Vancouver is going bananas over these duck-banana garden decorations at London Drugs. Some are making photoshop photos and cat toys of the 'Duckanas'.

Vancouverites are going bananas over London Drugs' latest garden decoration.

Dubbed by confused shoppers as the 'Ducknana' this majestic creature is literally part duck and part banana and can be found in its natural habitat at London Drugs across the city. 

It's officially called the 'Duckana' and Vancouverites are falling head over peels for this weird decoration. Some are taking their newfound obsession to the next level, creating realistic Duckana photos and one person even making a cat toy version. 

These wonderful creations are popular for being several feet tall and very odd, but they also come in three sizes, from the biggest Duckana to a 20-inch one and a very small eight-inch baby Duckana. 

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