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'It wouldn't come off': Heat wave melts Vancouver driver's N magnet to his car

Plus: What does ICBC do when something like this happens?
melted N magnet
Griffin Bailey was getting ready to go through a car wash when he noticed that his N magnet was stuck to his car.

The summer heat wave was hot and, apparently, it was hot enough to melt one B.C. driver's N magnet to his car.

Griffin Bailey was getting ready to go through a car wash on Saturday (Aug. 20) when he noticed that his N magnet wouldn't budge when he tried taking it off.

"It took me a while to actually peel it off because it's so stuck on there," Bailey told Vancouver Is Awesome over the phone. 

He said that he typically leaves the magnet on, he said, unless he needs to wash the car and that the magnet has been on for "a few weeks, couple months."

"It got really hot during the summer, so [a car wash] was overdue, but I went to take it off and realized that it wouldn't come off," Bailey told V.I.A.

He managed to rip the magnet off but part of it was still stuck on the car. Fortunately, an adhesive removal solution helped get the residue off. "It didn't seem to make any permanent damage," he said. 

What about the N magnet?

V.I.A. spoke with ICBC to find out about policies surrounding damaged N and L magnets. 

According to a customer service representative, because the magnets are issued by ICBC, drivers with a damaged magnet, like Bailey, can get a new magnet for free at any driver licensing office. However, those planning on coming in after 10 a.m. need to schedule an appointment (walk-ins are allowed prior to that time). 

The representative was also surprised to hear about the melted N magnet and affirmed that Bailey's case wasn't common. "I know we've had heat waves and we've had them last year too, but that is the first time... I've never heard [of] that before," the representative said over the phone.

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