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Vancouver is now in the middle of the third-longest dry stretch on record

It's the longest dry streak in Vancouver since Expo 86.
Our long run of hot, sunny days is ranking pretty high up in Vancouver weather history.

Vancouver's dry streak continues, and it's passed all but two other streaks.

The last time precipitation was recorded at Vancouver International Airport was June 15. Trace amounts have fallen since, but not enough to be officially recorded at Environment Canada's station.

Raincouver has now gone 42 days since rain fell, with today (July 28) day 43.

If rain doesn't fall today (and it's not predicted to) third place will be 2021's alone, outlasting 1960.

Environment Canada meteorologist Eric Mak told V.I.A. only two years have had longer streaks, 1986 with 53 days and 1951 with 58 days.

"The current stretch is the longest in the 2000s," he notes.

The extended dry period and heat have put Metro Vancouver's regional parks into the 'extreme' rating for fire danger.

Most of the other long stretches date back to the 1980s and 70s, he adds, and dry stretches are scattered throughout the records which date back to the 1890s with no apparent pattern.

"This has happened before, so I wouldn't say it's related to climate change for sure," Mak says. "I'm sure it's going to happen again."

He notes that this streak started a little earlier than usual, with an early start to the summer (though early June was notably damp, so overall the month was average).

The streak may end at around the mid-40s day mark. Over the B.C. Day long weekend, Vancouver may see enough precipitation for it to be recorded at the airport. Friday night and Saturday morning there's a chance for light showers, Mak explains.

"It looks like on Sunday at least some areas in the Lower Mainland will get some rain, but mostly east of the airport," Mak says, noting rain is more likely in the Fraser Valley.

"It just depends how far the precipitation spreads westward," he adds. "It's going to be close."

While the long weekend may see some water fall from the sky it doesn't mean the sun is letting up; a heat wave is also expected.