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Photos: This $28.8M Vancouver mansion looks like it's straight out of a fairy tale

To live in a fairy tale it'll take a fantasy-level amount of cash in this town.

Living in a fairy tale may seem like a fantasy, but the current - and future - residents of this Vancouver home might be a little closer than the rest of us.

The $28.8 million Shaugnessy home looks like someone who'd read all their Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty stories and wanted to build a house they'd end up in.

Chandeliers, marble, and beautiful wood features are commonplace at the castle-like 3537 Osler St home. There are even several ceiling murals, with the sky painted above the grand entrance.

One of the bedrooms, which appears to be in one of the two turrets, has the shore of a tropical island and a blue sky above giving whoever is sleeping there a head start to Neverland.

And while all the bathrooms are rather opulent, the high bar is likely the one with Greek-style columns around the mirror and bathtub.

Some of the other features are luxurious too, if not fully fitting in with the fairy tale feel. It has a billiards room, a home theatre with a projector, one massive closet larger than some Vancouver apartments, and an office in a turret.

"This magnificent home is a modern interpretation of the original Arts and Crafts mansions built for executives of the Canadian Pacific Railway in the leafy enclave of Shaughnessy over a century ago," writes real estate agent Crystal Hung in the listing.