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Vancouver Park Board office 'redecorated' with cyclist graffiti

The scribbles include "Stanley Park-ing Lot" and "All 'Bout Cars."
Someone wrote pro-bike lane graffiti on the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation office, poking fun at the removal of the divisive Stanley Park bike lane.

Welcome to the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation "and Cars," reads a scrawled-on addition to the Park Board building. 

The wall has been "redecorated" with pro-bike lane graffiti, seen in a Facebook post shared Monday (May 22) morning. 

"Stanley Park-ing Lot," "All 'Bout Cars," and "Just pave the entire park already" are also chalked onto the side of the Park Board office. 

The vandalism pokes fun at the divisive Stanley Park temporary bike lane and its removal. 

The bike lane was installed along Stanley Park Drive in 2021 to allow social distancing between cyclists and other park-goers. However, it has become a concern to some for various reasons and even caused a Park Board meeting to recess early due to a heated altercation.

Vancouverites who support the bike lane have organized protests to keep it in place.  

On Feb. 13, the Park Board voted to return most of Stanley Park Drive to pre-pandemic two-lane vehicle traffic, which means removing the bike lane almost entirely.

The removal is expected to wrap up in the late spring of 2023. It's also reportedly costing less than the original estimated $400,000 full removal cost.

V.I.A. has reached out to ABC Vancouver and the organizers of the bike lane protest rides for comment.