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'Made by your local penitentiary': Vancouver police bust driver for fake licence plate

Vancouver police aren't fans of his creativity. 

A local driver may have thought his licence plate was clever — but Vancouver police aren't fans of his creativity. 

The Vancouver Police Department's (VPD) Traffic Section tweeted four images of a white truck with a "completely fake" licence plate. 

The plate reads "Hoonigan" on the top, which is actually a company that produces licence plate frames as well as fully-fake plates. The bottom of the fake item also reads: "Made by your local penitentiary." 

Police added that the driver hadn't "complied with a Box 2 Notice and Order he received in January," either. A Box 2 N&O requires repairs to be made and for the driver to return the vehicle to a designated facility for inspection within 30 days or face penalties.

For this incident, the VPD issued the driver a Box 1 Notice and Order, a "no insurance" ticket, and also towed the vehicle. 

Earlier this week, the driver of a semi-truck with a 53' trailer was caught excessively speeding and the VPD impounded the vehicle