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Vancouver studio releases adorable PC game for raccoon lovers (VIDEOS)

The 3D platformer serves as a throwback to collectathons of the past
Roxy Raccoon
Vancouver-based Sinomod Studios recently released Roxy Raccoon, a cute, fun-filled 3D platformer for all ages and a throwback to games of the past.

It’s your typical 3D platformer, except you're playing as a raccoon fighting against a rabbit-summoning witch… okay so maybe not typical per se.

The game, titled Roxy Raccoon, was recently released by the Vancouver-based Sinomod Studios. Made for all ages, the game serves as a throwback to collectathons of past platformers. The game follows Roxy, an adventurous young cub who must defeat a self-centred, egotistical witch who has spread her dark magic across the land. 

Roxy's ability to leap and climb great distances allows the player to explore each of the game’s four uniquely Halloween-themed worlds. As you delve deeper into the witch’s territory to steal her treasure, Roxy must compete in the witch’s trials which include popular sports, board games, pinball, races and more.

Roxy Raccoon is available on Steam for $11.49.