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'We are not alone': Vancouverites spot UFO-like object in sky

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a UFO!
UFO sighting Vancouver
Vancouverites spotted a strange object passing over Vancouver on August 19, leading some to wonder if it was a UFO.

An odd object floated over Vancouver last night, puzzling many Vancouverites.

The object itself was unidentifiable in the dark night sky, but the lights, which caught the attention of a few people, were lined up together in a straight line, leading some to think the object may be a UFO or other alien-like object or machine. 

Vancouverites were quick to capture footage of the strange object before it disappeared.

"UFO? SpaceX? LED banner flying behind a plane?" one Twitter user questioned. 

However, the object was neither a UFO nor a train, but, instead, something man-made. They were spotted passing over Vancouver last year too.