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'Everyone is broke’: Popular Vancouver Diner announces it is closing down

The cozy diner was known for being quirky and having vegetarian and vegan versions of their dishes.
wallflower diner closing 1
Wallflower Diner on Main Street, Vancouver, is closing after many years of serving comfort food, brunch and burgers. The diner's last day open is July 12, 2022.

The Vancouver diner has been searching for its next owners, but after looking far and wide with no avail, Wallflower Diner is shutting its doors for good. 

"We really hoped someone would be able to pick up the pieces and keep the legacy going, but everyone is broke." the owners shared on social media. 

The cozy nook serving brunch, burgers and drinks has survived the pandemic, a feat that kept co-owners Heather Szilagyi and Eric Neilson hard at work.

"Eric and I are extremely proud of keeping The Wallflower going through the pandemic. We worked without days off for a very long time," they shared online. 

Wallflower Diner was known for its quirkiness and making vegetarian and vegan versions of their dishes. The owners even hosted a Rick Moranis-themed art show  (there's a cool video about it too).

Vancouverites have a few days left to dine in before the diner's final day on July 12.