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The Vancouver forecast includes some sizzling temperatures. Here's what to expect

There are some changes coming next week, too. Here's what you need to know.
Another heat wave? Environment Canada calls for inland temperatures to climb back up into the 30s starting on August 5, 2022.

Following an extended streak of soaring temperatures and unprecedented humidity, locals were treated to a couple of nights of cool respite — and even a few splashes of sweet summer showers. 

But the mild weather isn't expected to continue through the weekend. 

Environment Canada calls for inland temperatures to climb back up into the 30s, while overnight lows aren't expected to dip below 16 C or 17 C. 

Starting on Friday (Aug. 5), the forecast includes sunshine and a 22 C high on the coast a 26 C inland. These temperatures will feel more like 26 C and 29 C with humidity, however. 

Heading into Saturday, however, temperatures are expected to climb up to 24 C on the coast and up to 28 C inland. Once again, the humidity will make these temperatures feel hotter, with the coastal high feeling more like 29 C and the inland one feeling more like 32 C. 

Sunday is expected to be even hotter, with temperatures climbing to 26 C on the coast and 31 C inland, excluding the humidex rating. These toasty temperatures are expected to persist through Monday, increasing slightly on Tuesday. 

Locals may have another cool respite mid-week, as Wednesday's forecast includes a 30 per cent chance of showers throughout the day. 

Metro Vancouver Weather Forecast 

Photo via Environment Canada

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