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How hot will the heat wave feel in Vancouver? Environment Canada weighs in

Overnight temperatures are not expected to offer much respite from soaring daily highs.
Environment Canada provides a Metro Vancouver weather forecast in July 2022. Here is what you can expect during the upcoming heat event and how to prepare.

If you were looking forward to a long stretch of sunshine, you'll have several opportunities to get outside this week. 

But Canada's national forecaster warns that temperatures will get dangerously hot across British Columbia during this heat wave. 

While the humidity may dissipate after the weekend, temperatures will steadily climb through the week and overnight aren't expected to dip down low enough to offer a respite from the heat. 

Heat warnings are issued when very high temperatures or humidity conditions are expected to pose an elevated risk of heat illnesses, such as heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

Environment Canada meteorologist Matthew Loney described the upcoming B.C. heat event as a "long period of hot weather" that doesn't have a clear ending — at least not for now. 

"It's really going to start kicking in by Sunday or Monday," he told Vancouver Is Awesome, adding that humidity will make temperatures feel hotter over the weekend. 

Starting early next week, temperatures are expected to rise into the mid-20s on the B.C. coast and close to 30 C inland. As the week continues, these temperatures will climb even higher, with coastal areas forecast to reach 27 C and inland ones as high as 33 C. 

The Metro Vancouver weather forecast will likely include a heat warning

Since it will be more of a "dry" heat, temperatures likely won't feel much hotter than they are, perhaps only by a degree or so. But locals won't see much relief at night, as overnight temperatures aren't expected to dip low enough, the meteorologist noted. 

By Wednesday or Thursday, overnight lows may only drop down to 17 C or 18 C. 

A heat warning hasn't been issued for the region at this time, but that doesn't mean that one isn't coming. Environment Canada will continue to monitor the heat and will likely issue a warning in the coming days, Loney said. 

Remember to stay hydrated during the heat wave and to avoid strenuous activity during the hottest part of the day. You can also take a cold bath or shower to cool down. Find some more tips to stay cool. 

With a file from The Canadian Press