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Sizzlin': Here is how hot it is expected to get in Metro Vancouver this week

Are you ready for the beach?
The Metro Vancouver weather forecast includes a week of sunshine for the week starting on July 19, 2022. Environment Canada provides a summer update.

If you weren't feeling the slightly dreary weekend weather, the upcoming week offers several sun-bathing opportunities — but you may want to pack some sunscreen. 

The Metro Vancouver weather forecast includes a week of straight sunshine and daily highs in the mid-20s on the coast and rising up into the 30s by the start of next week. 

Starting on Tuesday (July 19), Environment Canada calls for sunshine and a high of 22 C on the coast and 26 C inland, as well as wind gusting up to 20 km/h throughout the day. 

Temperatures are expected to climb a couple of degrees on Wednesday, with a high of 24 C on the coast and 28 C inland. With humidity, however, these temperatures will feel more like 29 C and 32 C, respectively. 

Thursday is expected to be slightly less hot, with the daily high on the coast dropping to 23 C and 26 C inland.

Heading into the weekend, Friday's forecast includes a 23 C high while Saturday's includes a 23 C high on the coast and a 27 C high inland.

Sunday and Monday are expected to see highs in the mid-20s on the coast and soaring up to 30 C inland.

Overnight lows are expected to dip down to the mid-teens throughout the week. 

Metro Vancouver Weather Forecast 

Photo via Environment Canada

Have a look at the updated Metro Vancouver summer weather forecast.