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Map: Massive power outages affect thousands of BC Hydro customers in Vancouver

A powerful windstorm has left thousands of Metro Vancouverites without power.
A powerful windstorm in the Lower Mainland means widespread power outages in Vancouver. BC Hydro reports thousands of customers are without service Oct. 27, 2022.

A powerful windstorm has left thousands of Metro Vancouverites without power as a vigorous frontal system moves in the region. 

Environment Canada updated its special weather statement for the region Thursday (Oct. 27), stating that strong winds gusting 60 to 80 km/h were expected in the region and may result in "power outages and fallen tree branches."

BC Hydro says the strong winds left several thousand of its customers without power across the province Thursday morning and that more outages are expected. 

As of 10:40 a.m., approximately 11,625 customers in the Lower Mainland and the Sunshine Coast have been left without power in 25 power outages, according to the company's outage map.

The company adds that wind has knocked down trees and branches causing them to come into contact with BC Hydro’s electrical equipment. As a result, crews are busy repairing damaged power lines.

Crews have been assigned multiple outages in the City of Vancouver, including one in Kitsilano that is currently affecting over 3,000 customers. 

The company adds that "If you see a tree on a power line or a damaged pole, it's an emergency. Stay back at least 10 metres and dial 911 to report."

To report an outage, call 1 800 BCHYDRO (1 800 224 9376) or *HYDRO (*49376) on your mobile or report it online.

The Vancouver weather forecast also includes heavy rainfall up to 50 mm in some areas.

Check out BC Hydro's outage map for more information on updates.