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Vancouver forecast now calls for snow on Friday night as well as Saturday

The Vancouver weather forecast called for a chance of flurries on Saturday; however, the forecast is now calling for a chance of snow on Friday night, too.

 Vancouver, CANADA - 23 Feb, 2018 : Granville street in Downtown Vancouver in winter while it has snow storm, British Columbia, Canada / ShutterstockSnow in Vancouver / Shutterstock

The Vancouver weather forecast called for a 60 per cent chance of flurries on Saturday, Dec. 8; however, Environment Canada is now calling for a chance of snow on Friday night, too.

Beginning on Thursday, Dec. 6, the department calls for bright sun and a high of five degrees. Earlier this week, the forecast included a low of minus four degrees overnight, but now it calls for a low of minus two.

Following this, Friday is expected to be sunny with cloudy breaks and high of four degrees. During the evening the forecast calls for periods of rain or snow, and a low of zero degrees. Saturday will also have periods of rain or sun and a high of five degrees, followed by periods of rain and a low of three degrees overnight.

Sunday is expected to see rainfall throughout the day, and the rain is expected to continue through the week.

 Environment Canada

On Friday, Nov. 30, a freak storm passed through Metro Vancouver late in the morning and caused a number of commuter delays. Following the storm, however, the rest of the weekend was sunny and dry.

The Weather Network has also released its B.C. winter forecast and it may come as a shock to some. In fact, it is looking decidedly mild overall. The Lower Mainland is expected to see fewer episodes of Arctic air as well as fewer threats of significant snow.