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You call this spring? Metro Vancouver forecast includes flurries, possible thunderstorms

Parts of the region could see a minor accumulation of snowfall and there is a chance for lightening to strike.
The Environment Canada Metro Vancouver weather forecast could include thunderstorms and snowfall in March 2023. Here's what spring has in store now.

Metro Vancouverites could see an accumulation of snowfall in some places with higher elevation overnight Friday (March 24).

While spring has sprung and its colourful seasonal flowers are blooming across the Lower Mainland, there are plenty of chilly overnight lows in this week's forecast.

Environment Canada meteorologist Bobby Sekhon said there is the possibility of flurries starting Friday night as temperatures dip down to a low of 2 C. However, places at sea level are unlikely to see the precipitation chance to flurries and even places at higher elevations won't see much of an accumulation.

"There is a possibility for one or two centimetres of snowfall in the highest neighbourhoods above 250 meters to 350 meters to see flurries," he told V.I.A.

And while you might thing the weather feels unseasonably frigid overnight, Sekhon notes that temperatures are only a couple of degrees below seasonal averages. The average daytime highs for late March are around 11 C with overnight lows dipping down to 4 C.

But even as the skies clear up, the meteorologist says the warm days and chilly nights create a perfect breeding ground for possible thunderstorms -- along with a couple of other factors.

Metro Vancouver weather forecast could include thunderstorms

There is some cold air in the upper atmosphere across southern B.C. and when it mixes with warmer surface levels it can create an unstable atmosphere. 

"Wouldn't be surprised to see some lightning strikes," noted Sekhon, adding that western Canada has a lot of cold air in the upper atmosphere right now.

Heading out of an unsettled weekend, the work week will provide a sunny, dry respite from wet weather.

"Monday and Tuesday we'll start to feel the warmth of the sun," Sekhon explained. 

Heading into next month, there's some uncertainty at the beginning of April forecast but the signal is calling for "near or below temperatures." While May's forecast is even less certain, there's a chance for "above-average temperatures."

Have a look at Environment Canada's complete spring forecast for Metro Vancouver.