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Brr! Here is when temperatures are expected to fall to -3 C in Metro Vancouver

Don't forget your toque and gloves.
The Metro Vancouver weather forecast includes lots of sunshine but more bitterly cold temperatures in November 2022.

Locals can look forward to plenty of crisp, sunny days in this week's forecast as an arctic outflow continues to produce below-seasonal average temperatures in the region. 

Last week, Metro Vancouver saw its earliest snowfall in a whopping three decades following a powerful windstorm that felled upwards of 400 trees

The tempestuous weather pattern was replaced by a stable stretch of bitterly cold, dry arctic air that continues to bring temperatures several degrees below November's seasonal averages.

On Sunday (Nov. 13), the forecast includes clearing skies and a high of 8 C during the day with an overnight low of 1 C. Similar temperatures are expected on Monday through Tuesday, with the overnight low dropping to the freezing level overnight Wednesday. 

Thursday's forecast includes some significantly cold weather overnight, with temperatures dropping to a frigid -2 C. Similarly, Friday is expected to see a low of -3 C overnight. 

Metro Vancouver weather forecast 

Photo via Environment Canada

In a recent update, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) called for a 75 per cent chance that La Niña will be present this winter and won't change to a "neutral" weather pattern until about February.

Typically, La Niña's impact on southern B.C. doesn't start to show until the late fall or early winter. But it does tend to produce cooler than normal conditions and snowier conditions over the mountains. 

Environment Canada will release its official winter forecast on Dec. 1.