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Vancouver woman goes for the Extra, wins $500,000

At first she thought she'd won $15,000
You Huan Liao won $500,000 playing Lotto Max.

A Vancouver woman is extra happy after winning big with the Lotto Max.

You Huan Liao bought a ticket for a recent draw (Sept. 14) at Sue's Grocery on Victoria Drive, getting the Extra as well. When she checked the numbers at home, she realized she won big but didn't realize how big at first.

“I was in shock... at first I thought it was only $15,000 and then after a while I realized I won $500,000,” she says in a press release.

Liao doesn't have any immediate plans for a bucket list purchase, but she and a friend are going to have a nice dinner.

"He was very happy for me… we are going to have dinner to celebrate,” Liao says.

She's a relatively new player and used the random numbers from a quick pick for her ticket. She matched all four Extra numbers drawn.