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Vancouver woman offers cash, cookies for fake COVID vaccination passport

The poster is offering $500 and home-baked cookies if any health professional is willing to issue her a fake COVID "passport"
A screenshot of the bizarre Craiglist post offering cash for a fake vaccination record

A bizarre and slightly concerning post has appeared on Craigslist, apparently asking for a health professional to issue a false record of COVID-19 vaccination.

The post, which shows up under a Richmond search but is from someone in Vancouver, claims the person doesn’t want to get the “gene therapy” vaccine and that they “already have the antibodies,” presumably to fight COVID.

Titled “Vaccine passport will pay $,” the poster offers $500 to a nurse or pharmacist if they book them an appointment for the vaccine then throw the vaccine away, but record it them having had the shot.

The poster also questions the matter of freedom of choice and references feminism and “#mybodymychoice.”

She signs off by offering to bake cookies for anyone willing to take part in her scam.