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Vancouverites call out grocery giant after price freeze period ends

The price freeze ends amid soaring grocery store prices.
Vancouver locals are calling out grocery giant Loblaw Cos. Ltd. for its price freeze amid soaring costs for groceries.

Vancouverites are calling out grocery giant Loblaw Cos. Ltd. for its "frozen grocery prices" move.

Last fall, the grocer said it would lock-in prices on all its in-house No Name products until Jan. 31. Now that the calendar has turned to February, the price hike pause is over.

The price freeze ends amid soaring costs for groceries in Canada. 

One local pointed out that now Whole Foods is more affordable than Loblaw stores; recently V.I.A. tested that hypothesis, and while you can find some things cheaper at "Whole Paycheque," overall it's not the cheapest place to shop in the city.

The grocery giant spent nearly all day responding to consumers, including Vancouver locals, who called out the grocer for making the price freeze temporary - and seemingly prioritizing profits. 

Loblaw operates stores like Real Canadian Superstore, City Market, and No Frills in the Metro Vancouver region.

One particular response from the grocer's Twitter account received some scrutiny.