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Vancouverites get creative during snowy long weekend (PHOTOS)

Tortoros and ducks and sculptures, oh my!

In a moment of luck, Vancouver's first (and maybe only) major snowfall of the season came on a long weekend.

With plenty of free time and a city transformed, locals took the opportunity to be creative.

Snow is still expected to fall today, but will soon be followed by rain. To mark the moment the city got blanketed by the white stuff, we've collected some of our photos and videos of people being creative out in the snow.

Many went with some riff on classic snowmen, with the three spheres and a face:
Can't tell if Creepy or not... from r/vancouver


Found this little guy on his holidays from r/vancouver

Others paid homage to some of their favourite characters:

We built a Snowtoro! from r/vancouver
Saw the Snowtoro post and want to share it's Neighbour-ing Totoros from r/vancouver
My GF caught a Snorlax! from r/vancouver
Someone made a snow Gyrados from r/vancouver
While most of the wildlife is taking it easy with the snow around, snow animals popped up all over the city.
Someone had a lot of free time and love of ducks in Stanley park. from r/vancouver

A post shared by shawn (@supreme.leader)

To go with the snow cat, a snow dog! from r/vancouver
I made a snow cat! from r/vancouver

A post shared by Stanley (@stanleythegriff)


Some wanted to send a nice message.

And others were...different in some way. 

While everyone else made snow animals, today I made snow-human. from r/vancouver


Interesting snow...something in Burnaby from r/vancouver


Beautiful snowman I made today! from r/vancouver


And of course there were the jokesters.
Happy Valentines r/Vancouver from r/vancouver


Rare snow rabbit sighting in East Van from r/vancouver


Snowman fell out of the tree from r/vancouver


Seeing this really started the day off right. Good morning North Vancouver! from r/vancouver