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Vancouverites react to record high gas prices as the pumps read $2.41/L

Reactions range from upset to downright livid.
Gas prices
Gas prices in the Lower Mainland hit $2.41 this morning and people are not happy.

 This morning Vancouverites (and other parts of B.C.) woke up to gas prices beating the already record high.

Pumps read $2.41 per litre, topping yesterday's headline-making $2.39. According to the gas price prediction website Gas Wizard, however, today is likely to be the peak, before gas prices dip ever so slightly back down to $2.39.

Gas prices for regular fuel started at $1.949 on September 20 and have been steadily on the rise ever since, though there was a brief plateau around the $2.30 mark last weekend after a $0.10 jump between September 24 and 35.

Lower Mainland gas prices are currently close to a dollar more expensive than in Toronto and Calgary. Although Calgary just experienced a leap from $1.49 to $1.65 overnight.

It's a startling development that has many Vancouverites rattled and taking to social media to vent and share their opinions on the possible causes. Reactions range from fear to anger at elected officials, oil companies, and even banks. Some are blaming inflation while others are making suggestions for driving practices that use less gas or encouraging people to turn to public transit.

Some people are using humour to cope with gas prices. One Tweet points out the eerie similarities between the midcentury modern design resurgence and our current economic climate while another takes the opportunity to turn a picture of basketball player Steve Francis in Vancouver into a joke about the price of gas.



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