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Vancouverites share beautiful snaps of the (possibly haunted) Sylvia Hotel (PHOTOS)

Now known as a historic hotel, the Sylvia was originally built in 1912 as an apartment building
Sylvia Hotel
Originally built in 1912 as an apartment building, the Sylvia Hotel on Gilford Street also served as the Vancouver Public Library before becoming a hotel.

As the leaves around Vancouver change with the colder weather, so too do the Virginia creeper vines that cling to the Sylvia Hotel’s brick facade -- making for some striking images.

With the hotel’s architecture dating back to 1912 when it started out as an apartment building, the Sylvia is among Vancouver’s most photogenic buildings. It’s almost impossible to get a bad shot of the deep red and rich orange leaves around this time of year but some Vancouver photographers have gone the extra mile, getting unique vantage points to capture the building’s fabulous colours. 

With over 100 years of history behind it the Sylvia has a storied history to say the least, and some of those stories are of the paranormal variety. 

Some guests claim that room 604 features a spooky “invisible presence.” One Tripadvisor reviewer even stated that the ghostly presence tried to sit on them! It’s also rumored that Hollywood star Errol Flynn (star of The Adventures of Robin Hood, 1938), died in the hotel in 1959.


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