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Vancouver's World Naked Bike Ride sees sunny skies, bare bums (PHOTOS)

Hopefully there was a lot of sunscreen on hand.
A parade of naked bike riders rode through Vancouver on June 12, 2021.

If you were wandering through Vancouver's West End or along the waterfront near Sunset Beach Saturday afternoon, there's a good chance you saw a lot more naked behind than you were expecting.

That's because the World Naked Bike Ride took off on a loop around the neighbourhood, with participants supporting body positivity and rallying against cars. It's been going on for nearly two decades; this year participants were spotted in cities like New Orleans and Toronto.

Photos and videos shared on social media show a sizeable group meeting up at Sunset Beach, where organizers encouraged people to gather, disrobe (though masks were encouraged) and take to two wheels.

Other pics caught the group moving through parts of Vancouver's West End.

And of course, we collected a bunch of those pics and videos to share with you below.



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There was even a cheeky traffic report.






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