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Vancouver forecast calls for nothing but sun ahead of May long weekend

Almost completely clear skies to usher in the May Long Weekend in Metro Vancouver
Sunny Vancouver stock
Following Vancouver's dramatic thunderstorm the city is in for a good deal of sun heading into the May Long Weekend.

It seems Vancouver had to go through a dramatic thunderstorm in order to receive nearly seven days of straight sunshine stretching into the long weekend.

According to Environment Canada, Vancouver isn't quite out of the woods yet with a 30 per cent chance of thunderstorms later Wednesday. However, things are looking better heading into Thursday with very few clouds and a high of 16°C. Friday, May 21 is expected to be nothing but sunny with a high of 18°C, the same goes for Saturday with a high of 19°C.

Sunday and Victoria Day on Monday look to be a mix of sun and cloud with a high of 19°C. The sun even continues on past the long weekend and into Tuesday.

Metro Vancouver Weather Forecast 

Vancouver forecastMay19. By Environment Canada

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