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Video: Richmond McDonald's employee berated by alleged anti-masker

Customer demands for his food, despite being asked to leave
Anti-masker at McDonald's
Video screenshot of a customer reaching over the counter to get his food despite the manager telling him to leave.

A video of a fast-food chain employee being berated in Richmond is circulating on social media.

In the video, filmed by a bystander and uploaded onto Reddit, a customer is seen being impatient with McDonald employees at Ironwood Plaza.

According to the individual who posted the video, the man was allegedly refusing to wear his mask properly on his face after “being asked nicely” by the store manager.

However, when the manager asked him to leave, he started demanding his order.

He proceeded to reach over the counter to grab his food, claiming they were his orders and said that he paid for them.

When asked by another employee for his receipt to confirm if they were actually his orders, he retorted with “F*** you for my receipt. I’m sick of this.”

He goes on to say his kids are in the car and once again asks for his food.

“You have kids and you have no sense on how to talk to people?” asked the McDonald’s employee.

The customer proceeds to bring his phone up and began video recording the employee.

“Ma’am are you discriminating against me for having a medical condition,” the customer said.

“You’re not my mom, so don’t look at me and don’t talk to me like you have the authority. You work at McDonald’s.”

After he demanded to get his money back because the staff refused to serve him, he once again reached over the counter to grab what looked like a cup of coffee before walking away.

As the man left, he dropped his coffee on the ground at the door right before the video cuts off.

The Richmond News has reached out to McDonald’s for comment.

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