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'Where did it come from?': This black bear was spotted in a Vancouver tree

Videos and photos show the bruin making its way around town.
A black bear was spotted in a Vancouver tree.

A Vancouverite spotted an unlikely animal at the top of a tree in a residential area. 

In a tweet shared around noon on Friday, June 16, a local person said a black bear was hanging out in a tree located near the Bosa Foods on Victoria Drive in Vancouver.

The individual shared a photo and a video of the uncommon sighting, noting that the bruin was "wandering around backyard gardens out back of the store."

Dan van der Ster tweeted that the bear was a "young male, around 150 lbs" and that animal control services were able to tranquilize it to relocate it. 

The BC Conservation Office confirmed that a black bear was tranquilized in the city on Friday afternoon.

V.I.A. has reached out to the city for additional comment.