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Video: What are those bright blue flashing lights you see while riding the SkyTrain?

What are those?
A local shared a video of some blue lights flashing on the Metro Vancouver, B.C. SkyTrain track on social media in April 2022 and asks why they are there.

Have you ever spotted some flashing lights on Metro Vancouver's public transit system? 

A local shared a video of some blue lights flashing along the SkyTrain track on social media and asked if anyone had any idea what they signalled. 

TransLink spokesperson Tina Lovgreen told Vancouver Is Awesome that the lights are nothing to be concerned about and are a "visual indicator" for British Columbia Rapid Transit Company (BCRTC) staff on the ground. 

"The blue light signals that the power is on," she explained. "The flashing just means the bulb needs to be changed, just like a regular house bulb would and it will be attended to by maintenance crews."

So while the flashing lights might seem like something out of the ordinary — or a festive display — they simply alert BCRTC that the power is on. 

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