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Video: Crow nabs skier's gear from backpack on Cypress Mountain

Is it a clever or criminal crow?
Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 9.29.45 AM
The crow makes its flapping getaway.

If you're tired of COVID, how about a crow vid?

Turguy Tugayli was on Cypress Mountain at the end of 2020 and witnessed a rather unusual theft. While at the top of a lift, where people had piled some backpacks, a crow was able to make-off with someone's belongings.

In his description of the incident, Tugayli says he watched the crow get into the bag before grabbing something inside.

"Just witnessed a crow (Raven) unzip a bag pull the contents out and fly out," he writes.

The video shows the crow pull what looks like a Ziploc bag out of the backpack before fleeing the scene. Watch for yourself below.