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Video: Naked cyclists take over Vancouver streets for annual 'protest' ride

Warning: It may be obvious, but nudity follows.

This weekend, the World Naked Bike Ride took to the streets of Vancouver.

The annual ride is a protest, targetting fossil fuels, body images and war via a clothing-optional cycle through the city's West End and downtown. While it originated here, it has since spread to other global cities like Portland, London, and Amsterdam.

This year, participants gathered at Sunset Beach at noon on July 8 (around the same time as the early arrivals for the Symphony at Sunset show, which irked a few folks on social media) before setting off on a route around the city's core at 2 p.m.

It ended with a picnic organized by the Naked Iconoclasts Fighting The Yoke (NIFTY).

Of course, bystanders were often caught off guard by the huge group biking past them, with many catching clips of the unusual sight. 

And of course, we collected a bunch of those pics and videos to share with you below.

Warning: It may be obvious, but nudity follows. Some videos have adult language as well.


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