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Video: Pregnant woman says driver hit her car and drove off at Vancouver intersection

The woman says her car is likely totalled and she can't drive now due to a concussion.
A woman has filed a report with the Vancouver Police Department following a hit and run at Commercial Drive and East 12th Avenue on April 30, 2022.

A woman is appealing to the public for help finding a driver who she says hit her from behind at a stoplight in East Vancouver. 

Stephanie Gaultier was driving through the city to visit her parents in Maple Ridge on Saturday (April 30) when the incident took place. Around 11:10 p.m., she says she was at a stoplight at Commercial Drive and East 12th Avenue when her vehicle was struck from behind by a white Toyota Echo.

"[The car] hit me at a speed [that created] approximately three seconds of screeching before impact and crunched my car into the vehicle in front of me," she writes in an email to Vancouver Is Awesome

The driver was a white woman with long blond hair in her 30s or 40s, though Gaultier says she could have also been in her 20s.

"The radiator is probably really damaged and there must be a fair bit of front damage. [There was] liquid on the road from her car," she notes.

While she was able to see some of the damage to the vehicle, Gaultier, who is six months pregnant, was unable to see the license plate after hitting her head hard in the crash; her "vision was too blurry" and she felt "dazed."  

Someone on social media said they observed the car erratically zooming down Woodland Drive and crossing a "do not enter" barricade following the incident. "That was also reported to police," Gaultier notes. 

As for her own vehicle, the local woman described her car as "crunched." and assumes it is totalled. Additionally, she isn't allowed to drive right now. 

Gaultier filed a report with the Vancouver Police Department and shared a video of the white car driving away on social media in an effort to find the driver. 

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