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Video: This is what your favourite Metro Vancouver hike says about you

What kind of jacket do you wear on a hike? A trail blazer.
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This is what your favourite Metro Vancouver, BC, hike says about you.

Unless the lack of parking and washrooms is stopping you from venturing into B.C.'s outdoors, your favourite trail may say a lot about what kind of hiker you are. 

There are plenty of trails to rove across Metro Vancouver, from leisurely walks to intense climbs. But which one you prefer says something about you, according to this video by Kosi Hogo

If you're inclined to go to Joffree Lakes, this might be your first hike ever, or you may have just started hiking.

Thinking of the Grouse Grind? Seems like you're ambitious.

If you're picturing the Tunnel Bluffs trail, you probably love taking in B.C.'s views. 

The Chief has a great view, but those going for the journey and not the destination are probably also into climbing or parkour.

Last but not least, fans of the Garibaldi trail are hardcore hikers. 

@kosihogo The grouse makes you contemplate everything #fyp #foryou #vancouver #hiking ♬ Love in This Club (feat. Young Jeezy) - Usher