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Video: This Vancouver couple spotted the three most obvious signs of a tourist

There are three subtle but obvious signs.
"That Vancouver Couple" Sean and Lacey Byrne spotted three obvious yet subtle signs of a tourist in Vancouver.

What's the most telltale sign of a foreign visitor in Vancouver?

Well, this Vancouver couple figured out three subtle yet still obvious ways to spot a tourist in the crowd. 

Sean and Lacey Byrne, who go by "That Vancouver Couple" on their shared social media accounts, share must-see's, must-try's and other niche moments around Vancouver.

The couple's first sign of a tourist can be quite low-key. A tourist cycling along the seawall can easily blend in with the locals until they stop in the midst of everything to take a photo or point at something. 

Another giveaway, the couple note, is when someone decides to kindly share their food with the seagulls of Granville Island. Locals know just how unkind the birds can be (there's even an official birds of prey patrol to keep an eye on them), but tourists are yet to find out.

"People who feed the birds just don't know how evil those birds can be," Lacey says in the video.

Someone walking on any bike path is another sign of a tourist, according to the couple. "This is a guaranteed way to annoy any Vancouver biker," they add. 

@thatvancouvercouple Never feed the birds 💀 #vancouver #yvr #vancouverbc ♬ kiss me more - audios <3
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