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This Vancouver cafe will give you weed for warm coats and jackets

Many Vancouverites won't have cozy clothing during the cold weather, so one of the city's popular cafes is asking people to drop off warm coats.

 Colorful thick warm winter coats at a market / ShutterstockColorful thick warm winter coats at a market / Shutterstock

The Vancouver weather forecast is calling for subzero temperatures as well as a chance of snow on Sunday. Sadly, many of the city's less fortunate won't have warm clothing to keep out the cold weather, and a great deal of people won't have a warm place to sleep.

In order to make sure people stay safe this winter, the City of Vancouver is opening warming shelters for those who are sleeping outside; however, many people still won't have enough cozy clothing to stay warm during the cold snap.

Now, one of the city's popular cafes is asking residents to drop off warm coats and jackets for a coat drive - but they are offering a unique bonus for doing so.

Reddit user f*ckingyoungperfect shared an image with the caption, "the most vancouver thing ever just came up on my instagram."

The cafe is offering a joint or a dab for clean, lightly used coats and jackets, as seen below:

 Photo: f*ckingyoungperfect / Reddit of @thebulldogamsterdam / InstagramPhoto: f*ckingyoungperfect / Reddit of @thebulldogamsterdam / Instagram

Warm coats and jackets, please

The Vancity Bulldog Cafe is a 19+ establishment that specializes in marijuana and specialty glass. A quick glance at their Instagram page show an impressive collection of work, along with pricing.

They are located downtown at 316 W Hastings Street and open daily from 10 am until midnight.