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Watch the English Bay Barge Lego set put together in under 60 seconds (VIDEO)

The mood lifter you didn't realize you needed 🧱
Lego Barge build
A collaboration between Vancouver Is Awesome and Heritage Bricks, the English Bay Barge Lego kit is now in the process of being shipped to the extreme barge fans.

The wait will soon be over for those truly dedicated English Bay Barge fans who have been waiting for their custom, locally built barge Lego set. 

The kit was made through a collaboration with Vancouver Is Awesome and Alex Saar of Heritage Bricks. Announced back in January, the Barge Chillin' Building Kits went through a 14-day pre-selling period and are now in the process of being shipped. We here at VIA got our hands on one of the kits early and got our reporter Cameron Thomson to assemble one of the 250 kits. 

@vancouverisawesome Here’s how our limited run of the English Bay Lego set comes together! Ft. @cameron.thomson’s Barge shrine #vancouverbc #vancouverisawesome #lego ♬ original sound - Vancouver Is Awesome

The kit has 85 Genuine Lego parts, as well as a full-colour instruction booklet and takes about 15 minutes to put together. If you missed out there are still a few available through

To read more about Alex Saar and Heritage Bricks you can check out this fulsome profile we published soon after the kits were made available.