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Watch the Vancouver Aquarium's adorable seals, sea lions and sea otters experience snowfall


Winter weather gets a mixed reaction in Vancouver.

For some, there's a chance for outdoor activities they don't get very often.

For others, they have to deal with traffic and transit nightmares.

Most of the residents of the Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley Park don't have to deal with snow, ever, as they live in tanks inside.

However, the local mammals (seals, sea lions, and otters) who live outside got to experience a rare event on Friday, Jan. 11.

Snow fell. It even stuck to the bare areas around the tanks, giving at least one harbour seal the chance to slide around in the snow.

It's not the first time they've seen snow, but it's still uncommon. Stanley Park is just above sea level and not far from the ocean, meaning snow rarely gets all the way to the ground and sticks.

Last winter, in November of 2022, sea lion pup Natoa was spotted snapping at snow during the first snow fall he'd seen.