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'We always said we'd leave together': Two long time Vancouver radio hosts ending decades-long morning show

The country station will be looking for new morning hosts soon.
Clay St. Thomas and Karen Daniels are leaving Vancouver 93.7 JR Country after more than two decades on air together.

Two long-time voices on Vancouver radio are signing off.

Clay St. Thomas and Karen Daniels have been hosting the morning show on 93.7 JR Country for more than two decades, but their show is coming to an end in April. Daniels plans on retiring after 22 years behind the mic and St. Thomas is moving on after 25 years.

The pair made the announcement on Monday's (March 21) show.

"We are here to tell you that Thursday, April 21, will be our last morning on JR Country," St. Thomas announced.

"Actually, it's Friday, April 22," Daniels immediately corrected through laughter. "I hate to do that."

The pair discussed how they both feel like moving on and trying new things.

"We always said that we'd leave together," St. Thomas noted as well.

While Daniels is retiring, St. Thomas will remain working, though not on JR Country.

The two also discussed how the show is ending as the station hits high ratings and suggested they'll be letting their hair down for the rest of the show's run.