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'Welcome to the hottest day of your lives!' Vancouverites react to scorching heat wave (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)

How are you beating the heat?
While Vancouver residents about "Juneuary" weather, BC smashed 59 temperature records Sunday (June 27). 

How did you sleep last night?

While Vancouverites groaned about "Juneuary" weather earlier this month, the province smashed 59 temperature records Sunday (June 27). The reading from Environment Canada in Lytton showed the mercury at 46.1 C Sunday afternoon, marking a new all-time high recorded in Canada.

Not only have countless local stores sold out of fans, but people have started up-selling used fans on Vancouver Craigslist

Now, locals are desperately searching for ways to stay cool, with many of them inventing new ways to beat the heat. 

Metro Vancouverites have taken to social media to share how they feel about the unprecedented heat wave as well as what they are doing to cool down. 


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With files from Victoria Femia / Castanet.