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Will Ferrell wore a BC Lions jersey to the Super Bowl and the internet loves it

The Lions even announced they were 'recruiting' Ferrell.
Will Ferrell (left) sported BC Lions gear at the Superbowl this weekend while hanging out with Ryan Reynolds.

Will Ferrell's choice of jersey during Sunday's Super Bowl game between the Rams and the Bengals sure caught some eyes.

It wasn't actually Ferrell who shared it, Ryan Reynolds posted an Instagram photo of the pair at the game of Ferrell clad in orange-and-black. While most at the stadium wearing orange-and-black were Bengals fans, Ferrell went with a different big cat.

And social media loved it. On Reynolds' original post (which has nearly 3.4 million likes) that includes everyone from musician Jann Arden to youth environmental activist Autumn Peltier to Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld.

"🔥🔥🔥," wrote the Today Show.

"Should I be worried @vancityreynolds?" asked Blitz the Seahawk, the Seattle Seahawks' mascot.


Actually, the BC Lions put out a press release, suggesting they were trying to recruit the movie star.

"We’ve seen Ferrell’s big-screen antics branch out to basketball, soccer and figure skating. But maybe now he can look at doing a flick with three-down football as the backdrop," suggested the CFL team.

BC Lions fans were just as excited.


But it didn't stop others from cracking wise.

A lot of people were shocked by Ferrell's aged appearance, noting that Reynolds and Ferrell are nine years apart.

However, Ferrell isn't the first film star to wear the orange-and-black.

Some of Reynolds' businesses got in on the fun, too.

If you were wondering whose jersey it was, Reynolds came through.