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Opinion: Anonymous company that donated chopper support to flooding victims should be outed, and thanked

We need to expose them and let everyone know what they are - selfless heroes
An unnamed helicopter company helped by donating their services to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank's effort to deliver food after recent floods

Last Thursday, over the course of five trips, the Greater Vancouver Food Bank (GVFB) was able to fly 5,000 pounds of food out to Hope B.C., to be prepared as hot meals for evacuees and seniors at the reception centres in that town, the Sunshine Valley, and Boston Bar.

The food was supplied by generous donors of the GVFB, and the helicopter and its pilots' time were donated by a company which chose to remain anonymous.

Over the last few days we've seen loads of people come to help those who have been affected by the flooding and mudslides, and more than a few companies have sent press releases to media outlets letting them know that they're helping.

These days there are "corporate responsibility" departments which work arm-in-arm with marketing departments at companies to try to get the word out about how they're giving back as a corporation. There are calculations done on how much good will translates into more profit, so it's refreshing to see people who own businesses helping simply for the sake... well... helping. 

Email me ( if you can identify the owner of the helicopter pictured here, so we can properly expose these people for what they are - heroes who deserve our thanks and support.