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Opinion: BC Hydro and Fortis BC's current Twitter beef is one for the ages

Battle of the utility companies

BC utility companies Fortis BC and BC Hydro are caught up in a Twitter beef that's... uh... heating up.

It all started when BC Hydro released a report on Oct 12, 2021 that outlines how heating with natural gas is contributing to climate change, but that 1/3 of British Columbians still believe that natural gas is "the most environmentally-friendly way to heat a home."

The report points to the fact that 98% BC Hydro's electricity is primarily sourced from "clean, renewable resources that are mostly powered by water", and that "making the switch from fossil fuels to using an electric heat pump at home is one of the biggest steps British Columbians can take to reduce their carbon footprint."

When BC Hydro tweeted out a link to their report they presented the question: "Did you know that heating your home with natural gas contributes to climate change? Learn more in our latest report"

Somebody at Fortis BC took all of this personally, so they decided to hit back.

Fortis BC quote-tweeted BC Hydro in a mocking tone, asking "Did YOU know that by using 100% Renewable Natural Gas your home furnace could be carbon-neutral and still about $140 dollars cheaper a year than using an electric heat pump?"

They then linked to a page on their website about Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). What they didn't link to is the page on their website that says "subscriptions to RNG have been delayed until new supply can be brought online."

BC Hydro pounced, replying with "A goal of 15% ‘renewable’ natural gas by 2030? [Fortis BC's goal] We’re 98% clean now and offer up to $11,000 in rebates."


We're waiting to see what other tweets come out from BC's mega utility companies, but so far the score is:

BC Hydro -1
Fortis BC - 0