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Opinion: This pile of concrete benches on Cambie is better than Stonehenge

Our ancestors once gathered here
This grouping of benches on Cambie St may or may not be better than Stonehenge

If you're looking to travel to Europe this summer but don't have the funds you may be in luck! There's a... well... a sculpture on Cambie Street that's better than Stonehenge, right in front of Canadian Tire.

Our ancestors used to gather around a table which was located in the middle of the circle of deteriorating benches shown in the photo here. Over the past few years that table crumbled, was toppled, cracked in half and eventually removed.

What remained were the benches, still formed in a circle, and they attracted a couple of other benches, stacked, and adjacent.

The mysteries of what went on at this historic location may not ever be known, just like the ones of Stonehenge.