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Bob Kronbauer: There's a good reason why a BMW alarm is going off on your ferry

There's an easy way to prevent it from happening
It's not just you - BMWs are often the ones who have their alarms going off on BC Ferries

Did you know that the reason why it seems like it's always a BMW car alarm that goes off when you travel with BC Ferries is not that BMW owners are jerks, but because their cars have two different types of sensors that most other cars don’t have as a standard feature?

It’s true.

One of them is a “tilt alarm sensor.” It's meant to go off when somebody has jacked the car up to steal the tires, or when it’s getting towed.

This alarm goes off because the boat tilts back and forth, and so does the car.

The other is an “interior motion sensor.” It’s supposed to go off when somebody’s in the car who isn’t supposed to be.

The interior motion sensor will go off if the car owner has an air freshener that moves when the car tilts as the boat rocks, so it’s a double whammy.

If you own a BMW you can deactivate both of these features simply by pressing the lock button once, waiting a couple of seconds, then pressing it for a second time.

Thank you for your service. If you need me I'll be inside the Coastal Cafe enjoying a burger.

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