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OPINION: Burnaby’s busiest SkyTrain station is a crime magnet

You name it and Metrotown criminals will try and rob it.
Photo by Jennifer Gauthier/Burnaby NOW

The Burnaby RCMP Crime Prevention Unit sends out a crime bulletin each month providing date about the hot spots in our city.

The January 2020 edition is out and, once again, the area of Kingsway around Metrotown is by far the biggest magnet of crime.

Theft from residences. Thefts from businesses. Thefts from vehicles.

You name it and Metrotown criminals will try and rob it. (It should be noted that these numbers don't include drug crimes.) It makes sense because this area is the city’s busiest with the biggest mall and the most heavily used SkyTrain station.

heat map crime burnaby
This heat map shows the area around Metrotown dominated by crime.

One Metrotown resident told me last month that he thinks criminals arrive via the SkyTrain, commit crimes and then hop back on the train to head home.

Along with this data, the RCMP supplied a list of the items that are most targeted by thieves. It’s a reminder to not leave anything in your vehicle.

1. Smartphones

2. Personal electronics – tablets, laptops, GPS

3. Work tools

4. Credit cards and identification

5. Stereo equipment

6. Cash and change

7. Car parts and accessories

8. Garage door openers

9. Sunglasses

10. Keys

crime-map-burnabyThis crime map shows break and enters in Burnaby in January 2020.

Burnaby RCMP offer these tips:

• Try parking in a secure, well-lit areas whenever possible.

• Light up your driveway or install motion sensors. 

• When using underground parkades, wait for the gate to close so thieves cannot slip in behind you unnoticed.

• Try taking the insurance registration documents with you instead of leaving them in the car, or store them in your trunk. 

• Close and lock all doors and windows. 

• Never leave your vehicle running and unattended even with the vehicle locked.

• If your car is an older model (pre-2007*) without built-in security devices, install steering wheel lock at the very minimum.

• Even if you have a newer car, still consider using a steering wheel lock as a visual deterrent. This may be the difference between thieves picking your car or moving on to something easier.

• Do not leave items visible in the car. What you may not think is valuable could still attract attention from thieves.

• If you have to leave anything in the car, store it in the trunk or make sure it’s out of view.

• Consider engraving your vehicle registration number on all valuable removable parts

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