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Opinion: Why not live in this $12,500 'tiny home' / grow-op?

Live the dream

As real estate becomes more and more unattainable for many in Vancouver, creative solutions continue to... uh... get listed.

A recently-posted Craigslist ad offers a 344 sq ft "tiny home" which was designed "for mushroom cultivating or cannabis growing," but has apparently not been put to use as a grow-op just yet.

It includes "all the power capabilities and electrical set ups," and appears to be somewhat insulated. And heck, if the ventilation system is good enough for weed and psychedelic shrooms it must be good enough for humans, right?

For $12,500, this blank slate currently located in Langley Township could be yours, and the lister says they'll even throw in free shipping to anywhere in Greater Vancouver.

The person who made the listing has not responded to Vancouver Is Awesome's requests for comment, but that shouldn't stop you from living the dream in this custom-build stainless steel shell.

Or is it a nightmare?