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OPINION: Here's why Christy Clark just decided to politicize the COVID-19 crisis

She's the first high-profile British Columbian to do so
Photo @christyclarkbc Twitter

Christy Clark has taken to Twitter to confirm that she's going to be taking a run for a Conservative seat in the next federal election.

Well, maybe not in so many words.

Our former premier took to Twitter at 5 p.m. on Friday (typically a time when politicians want to bury news about themselves) to do something no high-profile British Columbian had yet done; politicize the COVID-19 crisis.

In a tweet, she first acknowledged that the spending by various levels of government in their COVID-19 responses is warranted.

Then came a shot at the provincial NDP and the federal Liberals; "Sad though that fed/prov govts blew the doors off on spending in the good years."

Clark ended with "Now, every single dollar spent will be debt for our kids to pay."

Whether she's right or not is one thing. It's a whole other to attempt to score political points in the middle of a national crisis.

The negative tone of the majority of the 400+ responses nested under her tweet give the overwhelming impression that people were... not happy with her decision to do so.

christy-clark-covid19-tweetTwitter Screengrab