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Bob Kronbauer: Hope and Hudson's Hope are different places

Sending positive energy to people in both communities
Battleship Mountain wildfire near Hudson's Hope. Photo: BC Wildfire Service

There are currently two wildfires of note burning near Hope, B.C. and Hudson’s Hope, B.C. and as V.I.A.'s resident B.C. road trip nerd I wanted to make sure you knew the difference between those two places.

Hope is located just outside of Chilliwack. Rambo lives there. Or, that is, there's a statue of him there and they filmed the blockbuster movie Rambo there in the early 1980s.

But you already knew that.

The fire near Hope is visible from the town as it’s right across the highway but so far only twelve homes are under an evacuation order.

The town of Hudson’s Hope in Northern B.C. is a little more low-key. Nobody in the V.I.A. newsroom has even been there, except for me. I know that because I took a poll this morning.

It’s normally a beautiful place to visit -  a five-hour drive north of Prince George, three hours west of the Alberta border.

Hudson’s Hope is right next to the Peace River, just like how Hope is adjacent to the Fraser River.

Hudson’s Hope has a population of roughly 850 people, and the entire municipality is currently under an evacuation order due to the Battleship fire, meaning all of those people have been temporarily displaced.

The last time I was there interviewing people, a stranger invited me into their home and fed me bear meat for lunch along with a wonderful slice of pie they made for dessert.

My thoughts are with them and with both of these communities.

Let’s hope everybody there is going to be okay, and that they have homes to come back to soon.

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@bcisawesome Double dose of Hope for these communities. ❤️ #bchistorywithbobk #bcwildfire #peaceriver #hopebc ♬ original sound - BC Is Awesome


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