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Letter: Paramedics and dispatchers need more support

Governing bodies need to provide more support to ambulance services
BCEHS ambulance

With the numbers moving up I am writing to support paramedics as well as BCEHS dispatchers. I am friends with a couple and I know they feel disheartened for a job that they love.

I know for a fact that they take it personally when they read or hear negative comments. lt is the system and not the understaffed, overwhelmed, low paid, women and men that take their jobs with utmost pride. 

Most of the public does not know (as I didn't) that these saviours get called all over the lower mainland and are not classified as essential services. The heat and extra PPE during COVID has made it even more difficult as with all others in healthcare.

Their 11-12 hour shifts are nonstop with barely time to use the restroom.

They must stay with their patient at the hospital until they are admitted, disinfect their ambulances thoroughly after each patient and often are sent to respond to people whom have chronic problems and call multiple times a day.

Programs are needed to help these people as I don't think they are emergency room problems. I worry for my friends and their families and know PTSD is real for them. Please write to your MLA and governing bodies to support the ambulance services more.