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Somebody made a parody song about Vancouver's housing affordability crisis

Comedian and voice actor Charles Demers wrote and sung a song about Vancouver's housing affordability crisis, for the OneCity party in Vancouver's 2018 election.

Municipal political party OneCity Vancouver released a song on Youtube today; a parody of the Trooper song We're Here For A Good Time.

Written and sung by local comedian and voice actor Charles Demers, he acknowledges that it's "like a Weird Al song" and that "Nobody's going to be playing it as the first song at their wedding". Though it should bring some attention to the party and the issue of housing affordability in our city.

Demers' wife Cara Ng is a founding member of OneCity, and had always wanted to do a parody song. As Demers put it, it was one of those "We've got a barn, let's put on a show" ideas, where supporters who wanted to help the campaign (some who are musical and video professionals) were put to work playing music, singing, capturing and editing video, and more.

The project was put together entirely by volunteers, and the party tells us that they'll be disclosing the professional services provided to Elections BC after October 20th.

The intentionally corny video features candidates and party faithful dancing and singing about the idea of being able to stay in this expensive city. They hoped for a Tears Are Not Enough vibe, which they seem to have achieved.

OneCity campaign manager Deanna Ogle tells us that the children dancing in the video are in fact a "self-organized club" who go by the name The OneCity Kids Club. Ranging in age from 2-12, they were founded because the kids of the organizers of the party wanted to have a fun, parallel organization. They "mostly just play" but also hand out pamphlets because, as Ogle says, "They know how to campaign".

Watch the video below. As Demers puts it "We want people to be able to stay here for a good time and a long time".


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